Small Business Leadership Lesson: Delegation Rule #1

Over the past 30 days, I had three employees from separate client companies come to me.

They were complaining.

Each had taken on greater responsibility at the request of their boss, the owner of their small business.

Each was a high quality employee, quite capable of doing more for their bosses – my clients.

Each of these superstar employees felt stuck.

Why did they come to me?

Because despite being charged with fulfilling enhanced roles with greater responsibilities, they were not given the authority to enact what they felt really needed doing.

They came to me because they were not able to get things moving in the direction they wanted and they began to doubt themselves.

They wanted validation and also my help.

I could only validate that they were doing the right things.

Although I could help enhance their approach and make it better, I told them that together we would both become frustrated because the

application and implementation of agreed upon approaches would stall without the necessary authority.

Think about this…

If I’ve encountered three of these scenarios in just the last 30-days, how many more small businesses are facing this challenge?

Small business owners do this for all the right reasons.

Small business owners crave the ability to delegate to their employees to alleviate some of the pressure for the entire business operation.

Small business owners delegate, but they don’t let go.

They give greater responsibility while still holding onto the ultimate authority necessary to make things work.

If you, the small business owner, has attempted to provide employees with greater responsibility and are frustrated because you haven’t yet seen anyone actually step up to the higher levels of performance you crave, it’s most likely not happening for these 3 reasons:

  1. you have not given the full authority necessary to make it happen;
  2. you are not fulfilling your role as company leader in ways necessary to make it happen;
  3. you chose the wrong person

In my experience it’s usually #1 or #2, or most likely both #1 & #2.

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’til next time, make it a great week!