Snow Storms and Workplace Drama, A Tight Relationship

Looking out my hotel room window in Rochester, NY watching another major winter storm pound the Northeast US, I’m wondering if my scheduled workplace drama workshop tomorrow will be cancelled.

Natural weather incidents like this often create or exacerbate drama in the workplace.


Because different people have different thresholds for what they can tolerate with regard to traveling in these conditions.

When I was running my small business one employee would call in at the first sign of snow to say she’d be coming in late or not at all.

It became a running joke in the office.

In weather situations such as this the safety threats are real.

Additionally, differently family situations require different approaches.

Some team members have kids home from school needing attention, others have long driveways or difficult neighborhood roads making it more difficult.

Usually, everyone open to covering for each other in these unique situations.

Often, the real workplace drama often comes from bosses lacking compassion in these trying times, adding additional stress to the situation.

Despite people doing all they can, some people just can’t get to work on time as circumstances are out of their reasonable control.

Yet, the workplace rules have little accommodation for these situations.

Do I have take personal time? Is it a sick day? A vacation day?

How can Imake it up? 

Too much time is wasted tracking this minutia?

Finding a human resource box to put these situations in and making it fair is where the drama comes in.

In my world it shouldn’t matter.

21st Century workplaces need to stop measuring employee performance by time in the office or at a desk.

They should begin focusing on defining an employees’ performance by their actual performance.

This takes defining measurable results one needs to contribute in their role.

When employees are evaluated on measurable results workplace drama is significantly reduced. 

Workplace drama can absolutely be eliminated because each team member is assessed on their own performance merits.

If they’re delivering measurable results, on days like today they can stay home making snow men with their kids and no one will care.

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Make it a great week!

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