The Solution to All Your Workplace Problems

If the source of all your problems is “low self-esteem” (see Monday’s blog article here), then the solution to all your problems is…

High self-esteem.

But, the million-dollar question is “that’s great, but how do I get it?”

In my own journey to higher levels of self-esteem I’ve found some things that have worked that I’ll share in this space.

First let me give you some insights into my issues with low self-esteem…

As with most of us it started at a young age for me.

  • I rarely risked raising my hand to answer a question in school
  • I always waited ‘til last before sharing in a group setting where everyone was expected to participate
  • I rarely defended myself in a discussion when someone questioned my opinion, I would always cower and defer
  • I rarely confronted issues directly when managing employees until it was absolutely necessary
  • My default reaction when criticized about anything would be defensiveness
  • I had anger management problems well into adulthood and would yell and raise my voice at people I could bully

Writng that list I’m amazed that I did well in spite of it, proving that even with low levels of self-esteem people can achieve high levels of success.

Here are some ways I started to turn things around at the age of 38:

  1. Began journaling my successes (this reinforced the fact I was smart and had been successful in the past).
  2. I stopped accepting procrastination as a behavior and began doing things I knew needed to be done (procrastination is particularly insidious as procrastinators know it’s a bad habit and reinforce their low self-esteem with negative self-talk about it).
  3. Change negative self-talk to positive, especially after making mistakes.
  4. Practice self-forgiveness
  5. Practice forgiveness and offer others the benefit of the doubt (people with low self-esteem can’t do this because they see life as a zero-sum game and if others are successful that somehow negatively impacts their own)
  6. Root for others to be successful and offer genuine congratulations and support.
  7. Accept compliments from others by simply saying “thank you” (see my article here on how by not accepting compliments you are killing the self-esteem of two people at once)

Turning around self-esteem won’t happen overnight.

It takes constant vigilance.

Begin applying the seven strategies above every day and you will begin to raise your level of self-esteem to a point where you will begin taking action and doing things you’ve never thought you were capable of.

Let me know how it goes.