Sometimes “Winning” Isn’t Enough – That’s Why Your Small Business Needs a “Championship Vision”

Happy New Year!

The National Football League season concluded this past Sunday in the United States, and immediately teams fired their coaches after losing seasons.

Seventy percent of the 17 teams with winning records qualified for the championship playoff tournament. Of those five other teams with winning records that didn’t qualify for the post-season, one, the Detroit Lions, fired their coach.

Firing coaches with winning records isn’t unusual.

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the playoff teams’ coaches that doesn’t get to the championship Super Bowl game loses his job.

After the 2017 Major League Baseball season three managers (Joe Girardi of the NY Yankees, Dusty Baker of the Washington Nationals, and John Farrell of the Boston Red Sox) who led their teams into the playoffs were fired when they failed to reach the ultimate goal, the World Series.

What does this mean for you?HVR_1999NYPChampions

Two things:

Every team has a “championship game vision” and if they don’t achieve that goal or are on track according to its projected timetable, look out!

For the ones with winning seasons that don’t get to that championship game, “winning” just isn’t good enough.

There are four reasons why they may fall short, which are the same four reasons your company may not be achieving its goals:

  • Strategy,
  • Personnel,
  • Leadership and Teamwork, and
  • Execution

Second, January is the start of the new 2018 business season (if you are on a fiscal calendar year), this is a great time to decide on your “championship game vision?”

Typically, this work should be done in December or sometime in the 4th quarter, which for participants in my Small Business Championship Game Plan program is “training camp,” but January is not too late.

Is your work environment championship ready for this season?

Let’s take this time to assess Your Championship Company – go to this link to take a free short assessment and get the results immediately sent to you.

’til next time, “Communicate with Power!”

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