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Building Your Championship Team

Championship performance comes from championship character, yet most team members in companies and organizations today strike-out when it comes to that level of character. The biggest reason is that current workplace conditions fail to foster the necessary character.

This session explores how your organization can create the conditions to develop championship character in your current team members so that you can build championship performance without firing any current team members, or hiring anyone new.

This means you save the time, energy, and financial resources that would have been invested with costly turnover only to bring more potentially good team members into a culture that exhibits less than the championship character you need.

Your audience will learn:

  • To create the conditions - and the character - that delivers championship level results.
  • The two ways team cultures develop, and be able to implement the one team culture that delivers championship level results.
  • Implement a simple strategy to create championship teams from your present team members without firing or hiring anyone.
  • Create a culture that changes attitudes, behaviors, and performance that knocks it out of the park!

Skip's Very Expensive Communication Mistake


Skip’s session was a great combination of practicality and inspiration!

Alyson Pitman - Privacy & Data Breach Manager
PMI Central Alabama

Communicating to Create Your Championship Team

The greatest coaches in professional and collegiate sports communicate in a way that business leaders must model if they want teams and team members that perform like champions.

This session explores the three communication traits of championship quality leaders that will serve business professionals in any environment, ensuring they get the clarity, the responsiveness, and the results from their teams.

Participants will learn the seven biggest communication mistakes that prevent these three championship quality communication traits from developing within both organizational leaders and their team members.

Depending on audience members situations, Skip will customize the program so that it relates directly to the communication and performance issues getting in the way of championship results.

Your audience will learn:

  • Incorporate the 3 communication traits essential for leading team members and teams to championship character and performance results.
  • Overcome the 7 most common communication mistakes that kill the trust and respect needed between team members to generate championship performance.
  • Create the trust and respect required with every communication interaction while avoiding the 67% risk of damaging relationships.
  • Discover Skip's proprietary eight rung communication ladder that builds teams withhigh-trust and respect.
  • Utilize specific tips, tools, and techniques that build championship communication habits.

The 67% Risk When You Communicate


Skip your presentation was really practical and stuff anyone can use everyday. You gave great examples, and walked the floor, which allowed you to relate very well to our audience!

Lynn Nicholas - President/CEO
Massachusetts Hospital Association

Leveraging Your Team for Championship Results

Organizations are made up of many teams, but how many of them are winners? How many are performing at a championship level?

This session explores the challenges of creating championship team performance and defines teamwork for you in a way will allow you to get the results you desire from your team. Attendees will learn the three key strategies that create the conditions that lead to the characteristics of high-performing teams. And, your participants will leave this session with a framework for creating their own Championship Team Agreement that will allow for the team to hold itself accountable to their individual and collective commitments.

Your audience will learn:

  • To create the conditions - and the character - of championship teams.
  • To define "teamwork" so that you can stay on track for championship results.
  • Why there is a higher and more important team trait than "trust" and how to create it within your team.
  • To implement the 3 required strategies that lead to championship results.
  • To create a Championship Team Agreement that allows your team to hold itself accountable to team commitments.

Connecting With & Getting Answers from the Audience


Skip you exceeded our expectations. The comments we received from our conference attendees was that each person felt like you spoke to them at their level. I would highly recommend you!

Cinderella Tollefsen - President
Alaska Medical Group Management Association

Communicating to Overcome Any Leadership & Team Challenge

This may be the most relevant session your event attendees experience as Skip provides an open forum session featuring Q&A, on-the-spot coaching, and interactive activities that will help your audience get solutions to “real-time” problems.

Skip will share his proprietary communication models and frameworks to address the real-time issues people are facing with their teams, their individual team members, their vendors, and other stakeholders, so that they can communicate to exert positive influence to get the project results they need.

This session is a great complement to Skip’s keynotes because the audience will have a framework for defining their communication challenges after hearing the keynote, so that they can come into this session to get the coaching help they need to deal with real-time issues.

This session has no formal, pre-determined content and will be solely driven by the questions and issues brought up by session attendees.

When you partner with Skip for your event you're getting someone who is committed to you, your event, and most importantly your audience. You're also paying for more than just the time he will be on your stage.

Skip brings more than 20-years of business leadership experience, 16 of which were serving as CEO of five different professional baseball teams. During those years the teams Skip led were twice named, "Organization of the Year" for all of Minor League Baseball by national industry publications (The Sporting News and Baseball America). Since 1998 Skip has studied adult learning strategies and state-of-the-art presentation skills from the leaders in the professional speaking industry so that he can be his best for you and your audiences.

Skip brings to your organization proprietary content you can't get from any other speaker. You may be able to find similar topics covered by other speakers, but no one has his concepts, models, and stories connecting championship performance in sports to your business challenges in a very practical and applicable manner. Additionally, you and your audience will hear and learn from examples of his very relatable client case study experiences in workplaces and industries just like yours.

Because of a heavy consulting schedule helping clients create championship leadership and teamwork, and his personal family commitments, Skip limits his speaking events to just 30 dates per year.


If you’d like to learn more about hiring Skip for your next event, you can get specific details on his fees and availability by simply completing the form below to schedule a time to speak directly with Skip to explore if he’d be a good fit for your next event.

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