Specific Strategies for Business Leaders to Communicate to Motivate Employees from the Front of the Room

Because 45% of business leaders recently reported in my survey that High-Performance Leadership Communication Level 3 was their weakest level, I thought I’d offer some additional specific strategies they can apply to improve the engagement of their employees when communicating to the group in a team setting from the front of the room.

Here are some simple strategies business leaders can apply:

  1. Prepare in Advance – This sounds like an elementary strategy and many of you are probably saying to yourself, “this is best Skip can offer me, I know this, this is elementary.” And, you are absolutely right. Yet, too many business leaders ‘”wing-it.” Business leaders who want to communicate to motivate, must step back to invest time to prepare comments in advance. This also includes practicing the delivery. Be very familiar with what you want to say, and then practice how you want to say it. The points you want to emphasize and use specific words that will generate an emotional response.
  2. Keep it short & simple – Limit the message to 1-3 key points you want to make, no more. The simpler the message the easier it is to retain. If there are many points and many priorities the message is going to get lost and causes confusion. If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.
  3. Make it fun & engaging – The easiest way to turn your audience off is to focus on the numbers and the gap between budgeted objectives and present levels. Some of this is unavoidable as leaders need to measure results, but too much of this and people will glaze over, roll their eyes and say “here we go again” feeling as though their being criticized for under-performing. Instead try this:
    • Get people engaged in a conversation about challenges, roadblocks they are facing and facilitate a solutions-based discussion from within the group.
    • Identify some people who have had recent success and allow them to tell their story of challenges overcome as they relate to other’s who have expressed similar challenges so that the comments are relevant. Let them share the strategy they applied to achieve success in those specific situations others are facing.
  4. Connect Individually in Advance – It’s important for business leaders to understand that The 3 Levels of High-Performance Leadership Communication are not mutually exclusive. They do not operate in a vacuum. Each of the three levels interacts, impacts and influences the others. This became immediately apparent to me when a number of comments  in the survey from business leaders said their #1 challenge in communicating to motivate their team as a group in a meeting setting had to do with the challenge of connecting with and motivating different personalities. If this is a challenge, the leader is not investing enough time at Level 2 High-Performance Leadership C0mmunication.

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I look forward to speaking with you. ‘Til next time, make it a great week!


One thought on “Specific Strategies for Business Leaders to Communicate to Motivate Employees from the Front of the Room

  1. Ben Fu says:

    Hi Skip Weisman,

    Really say, you are a person of wisdom.

    I agree with you on the points, to show your respects & your recognition to those employees with success, to let them tell stories, and get others to learn knowledges & experience from. It’s a stone that hits two birds,… Oh, hitting 3 birds, even more!
    Once I experience the simarlar way of motivating staffs in my small groups.
    As well. in daily operation, we share failure cases and success cases as well. We accept our staff’s miatakes as well. Moreover, we learn a lesson from failure, and put it as a sample for ohter’s reference as well.

    To motivate is not a easy thing to do, but it’s getting easier when you get well-prepared and exchange over ideas and light a torch before the audience with your warm & beating heart and with your perseverance your staffs can read from your face and your voice. It’s the way of your life too.You or your team is certainly march on and go forward and toward success when you take each other brothers or sisters in one family.

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