Specific Strategy for Your Company & Employees Thrive in 2016

First, “thank you” for all the comments of condolence from so many readers last week in response to the tribute to my brother Harry.

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In getting back into things at a client’s office on Tuesday I learned something troubling.

I learned their new sales producers were not producing at the desired level.

I also quickly learned why.

They were given goals that were too broad.

By too broad I mean “we just need them to bring in revenue,” was language used by my client.

Now, granted, that statement was meant in the context of the three key revenue areas the business offered.

But, it also left the size of the target prospects too broad.

It gave the same weight to the smallest of prospective client contracts as the largest.

It gave the same weight to more simple client contracts as the more complicated clients to attract.

Therefore, the two new producers struggled to gain traction this year.

This approach gave the new sales producers too much latitude to build their book of business.

I’m all for autonomy in allowing team members latitude to do their job.

But, only if they have a history of success.

I had to re-define how my client should be setting goals in their company.

Three years ago they started the firm with my help and jumped from $0 to $600,000 in revenue their first year.

They added 33% growth in year two.

This year was off 8%.

This is because of Workplace Communication Sin #1 – “A Lack of Specificity” as applied to managing performance in the workplace.

Those first two years we consistently used a Position Results Scorecard and a Performance Scorecard Conversation Log to keep people focused on specific goals and progress towards them.

We’ll be getting back to those in 2016.

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