Step 2 in “The 6 Steps to Becoming the LEADER of a Champion Organization:” E=Expectations for Organization/Team Mindset

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Now on the Step 2…

Although leading by example is always important it is never enough. Many organizational leaders come to me for help saying “I make sure I am consistent between my words and my actions and I never ask anyone to do anything I haven’t done in the past or would do today if it required me to do it.”

This is a great leadership attitude. You want leaders who lead by example from the front for others to follow. But it is rarely enough.

For the team to take the next step in performance the leader must develop a set of guidelines and expectations for the rest of the team to be held accountable to.

Here are some things organizational leaders need to incorporate into the culture:

Developing and articulating the organization’s “Purpose.” Over the years I’ve found in my work that an organizational “Purpose,” in terms of getting people on-board, pulling in the same direction to achieve a vision, is much more powerful than a “mission.” You can read why I believe that here.

Develop the organization’s Core Values/Beliefs and be sure to define them behaviorally, so that there are quantifiable behaviors against which all members of the organization are measured against. If the team members can participate in crafting their Values/Beliefs statements and agree on the defining behaviors it will provide a solid foundation.

Insist on instilling the 4-Core Dimensions of a Championship Team into your organization’s communication culture. This means promising each other to always communicate in a way that builds trust and decreases defensiveness by practicing a communication style that includes the proper balance of Respect, Empathy, Specificity and Genuineness.

Just like the organization’s leader must be committed to showing up with the 5 Traits of a CHAMP Leader, the same five CHAMP traits can and should be expected of all team members, you can read here how to apply it the rest of the team.

The real key to developing a powerful organizational/team mindset is the accountability piece.

Champion leaders reinforce the point that how team members show up on a daily basis, and how they communicate with each other and their teammates, must be consistent with the identified values/beliefs, the 4-core dimensions and the organizational/team ‘purpose.’

Setting clear Expectations for the Organization/Team Mindset is just one of six steps leaders need to master to create a Champion Organization or Champion Team.

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