Step 4 in “The 6 Steps to Becoming the LEADER of a Champion Organization:” D=Dedication to Performance Results

I had a meeting with a prospective client this afternoon that was a perfect time for me to reinforce this step.

We were speaking about her team of long-term employees whom she inherited when taking over control of the company last January in an unexpected turn of events.

It turns out she is learning that a number of long-term employees have been used to significant year-end bonuses and will be receiving them again this year.

From the look on her face and her body language I could tell she was somewhat perturbed and confused by this practice and so I had to ask the question, “on what criteria are the bonuses based? She gave me a blank stare with a look of concern.

It seems there is no performance criteria on which these performance bonuses have been based, nor does there seem to be any type of performance management/feedback system in place at any level of the organization. This is something she would like me to help her create for 2011.

Well, in order for an organization to perform at a high-level and achieve ‘champion-level’ results there must be a “dedication to performance results.”

The specifics of what that looks like will probably be different for most every position in your organization and takes some work to develop, but it must be done.

To adequately qualify as a “Champion Organization (as two clients Meyer Contracting & PEOPLe, Inc. did in 2010) a organizational leader must integrate a few steps:

  • Transform job descriptions into ‘performance expectations and standards’
  • Communicate and agree on the performance expectations with the employee
  • Create a compensation package that effectively motivates and provides incentives (if appropriate)
  • Integrate a system of consistent performance feedback, both informal and formal discussions to manage progress and agree on appropriate adjustments

Athletic teams have systems in place for consistently manage performance, including a game scorecard and season long cumulative statistics that are regularly assessed. And, if performance is below expectations changes are made (when working with clients I often recommend instituting a trading deadline).

Is your organization “dedicated to performance results” or is it just taking what it gets?

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’til next time, make it a great week.