Step 5 in “The 6 Steps to Becoming the LEADER of a Champion Organization:” E=Expectations for Organizational/Team Communication

Go into any organization in the world and ask employees, managers and senior leaders for three things that need improvement and I would bet my house that “communication” would be on everyone’s list, and maybe even at the top.

What is communication like in your organization? In what ways could/should it be improved?

Communication is the one thing almost all of us take for granted, much of the time. Since, in theory, we’re always communicating we all assume we shouldn’t have to be more conscious of it.

Yet, it is the cause of all misunderstandings and most of the stress between two or more people, sometimes poor communication even occurs within ourselves when we fail to develop clarity on our desired outcomes.

Organizational leaders must decide on an expected standard of communication inside their organization. And although this standard can take on many forms it really can be as simple as making the communication discussion part of defining the organizational values that are tied to clear, measurable behaviors.

As many of you have already read about I espouse focus in seven areas of interpersonal organizational communication, which I wrote about in my white paper “The 7 Deadliest Sins of Organizational Leadership Communication:”

  • Lack of Specificity
  • Lack of Focus on Desirable Behaviors
  • Lack of Immediacy
  • Lack of Directness
  • Lack of Appropriate Tone
  • Lack of Being in the Moment
  • Lack of Respectful Rebuttals

To learn more about each of those seven sins of leadership communication you can down the white paper that is based on actual client case studies and offers specific suggestions and coaching for how to overcome each, and is available free at this link.

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