Business Leaders, Stop Searching for New Ideas!

Just got off the phone with a recent participant in one of my workshops who expressed interest in attending a follow up program but couldn’t due to a schedule conflict.

When I asked if he would prefer to have me meet he and his business partner privately he said, “ya know, I’ve found we get better ideas when we participate in group sessions like the last workshop we attended. If we just do something with us and another individual, we don’t seem to get that much out of the session.”

That was one objection I honestly hadn’t heard before to which I wasn’t prepared to respond. I did my colleague a disservice. Lesson learned, I’ll be ready the next time I hear it.

But, that brought up another key point for me to address to all business leaders.

It is vital that business leaders stop looking for the next great idea. Instead they should immerse themselves in evaluating all the stuff they know but aren’t implementing (this is called procrastination!).

Now, I know there is great value in getting new best practice ideas and getting reminded of other ideas in group workshops, as I did earlier this week

But, I also know there were some fundamentals I wasn’t fully applying. And I also know there are many fundamentals you are not applying to your business.

I always ask my clients and workshop attendees this question, “What are you not doing that you should be doing?”

There has never been anyone who does not have an answer to that question, and usually there is more than one answer.

Here are some that last week’s workshop attendees shared in their pre-work, some may look familiar:

Group 1

  • increasing sales in a down market
  • better financial forecasting
  • centralized hiring
  • expanding practice areas
  • more marketing
  • spend more time motivating my staff
  • efficiency
  • getting my name out there
  • marketing as a team effort

Group 2

  • acquiring testimonials
  • more networking
  • identifying various business sectors we can best serve and specific strategies to market to them
  • enforcing break time
  • sending out weekly updates to my branches
  • planning and strategizing more

Do you recognize a difference between Group 1 & Group 2?

It may be difficult for you to see a difference. Group 1 is a list of ambiguous and amorphous platitudes that make it difficult to move forward. No wonder people are stuck. Group 2 I can work with better as they are more specific and direct thoughts towards real actions or activities.

So, forget about new ideas, dust off the old ones sitting on your shelf that you know work, if you would just implement. Get specific and get going!

Something to think about? What do you think?