The 1 Elon Musk Leadership Trait That All Leaders Must Adopt

Skip Weisman, Professional Speaker, Certified Great Game of Business Coach & AuthorThis 22-second clip from Tesla’s 2020 Shareholder meeting where the company announced it’s new battery technology can change your business forever, guaranteed.

This clip is from the very end of a four-hour presentation and it speaks to the reason why Tesla is running away with the global electric car market.

It started with Drew Baglino, Tesla’s Senior Vice-President for PowerTrain and Energy Engineering responding to one of his team members putting out a call-to-action to Tesla’s supply chain and anyone else in any industry to join their movement and help accelerate the path forward.

Drew’s exact quote which you will hear on the video is:

“Any existing specification is wrong. Any existing manufucturing method is wrong, process, equipment. It’s wrong. It’s just a question of how wrong. Quote Elon Musk…So, tell us how we’re wrong and how we can do it better so that we can accelerate and improve as fast as possible.”

Click the image below to hear Elon Musk & Drew Baglino in their own words..

What could your company achieve if everyone in your company took on this mindset?

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2 thoughts on “The 1 Elon Musk Leadership Trait That All Leaders Must Adopt

  1. Mark says:

    “What could your company achieve if everyone in your company took on this mindset?”

    Chaos, pandemonium, gridlock; a total halting of transportation, commerce and life as we know it.

    What’s more, I don’t believe that Mr. Baglino or Mr. Musk actually employ this mindset/strategy either.
    It would lead to the exact opposite of accelerating the path forward. It would lead to paralyzing doubt and a standstill of progress.
    It’s fancy talk at a shareholders’ meeting. Nothing more.

  2. Skip Weisman says:

    Mark, Thanks for your comment and in response I would simply say I don’t agree on both accounts.
    1) As an owner of a Model 3 and a participant in numerous Tesla discussion forums, Elon and his team are tremendously responsive to customer comments and many suggestions and request show up in future iterations of the car’s operating software. I can’t speak to other engineers sending them suggestions but from a customer standpoint they do listen.

    2) Obviously you don’t stop everything every time someone suggests something is wrong but you do have to evaluate it for validity and assess. If you don’t that is an arrogant way to operate and I believe a cause for failure. I think that has been shown time and again, especially in Detroit’s auto industry.

    Last month General Motors announced it is transitioning its entire production to be exclusive electric vehicle fleet by 2035, there is no way that would have happened without the foresight, inspiration, and ingenuity of Elon Musk. Tesla is beating Detroit at its own game and is leading GM and Ford into electric vehicles and autonomous driving because Elon and Tesla took the risk to prove the concept. I don’t think any company can be successful without soliciting feedback from all sources and then evaluating and iterating based on the most valid feedback, while staying true to your values.

    ELon and his team must be doing something right, but they are far from perfect and he is willing to admit it, unlike most of Detroit’s auto leaders.

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