The 4 Levels of Small Business Championship Performance

The last two blog posts discussed the concept of defining what constitutes “championship” performance.

In athletics, it’s easy.

Championship performance is determined by who won the last game, the championship game. That’s the team or the individual who gets the winner’s trophy, the label “champion,” and all the accolades.

In business, championship performance is less objective.

The competition for a small business, as discussed in this article, is against no outside opponent, but against itself and whether it is improving over time.

Yet, the sports metaphor still applies to small business performance.

It’s just that the assessment is based on the context and criteria important to the company.

Regardless of context, you can use the The Small Business Championship Game Plan assessment (see below), which has four levels:

  • Championship Contender
  • Playoff Participant
  • Winning Season
  • Losing Season

In addition to grading the key contexts of your business, decide on an overall level for your company, then identify the specific contexts where it needs improve to get to the next higher quadrant (in upcoming articles we’ll begin to identify some contexts you may want to assess).

Realize every athletic team wants to win the championship.

In training camp each has a pretty good idea of it stacks up.

Some will be contenders for the championship, some hope to be playoff participants, while others realize they are in for a losing season and in the midst of a 3-5 year strategic growth plan.

Your small business is exactly the same. Keep in mind you may need 1-3 years before it can be performing at the championship caliber level.ChampionshipPerformanceDoubleAxis’til next time, leave a comment below to continue the discussion and let me know what you think of the Small Business Championship Performance Assessment Grid,

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