The 4R Formula for Workplace Communication

You’re going to benefit from the current Communication Power for Leaders virtual training.

During last week’s training call one of the participants raised an issue for help. My coaching created a communication model you may find useful.

It’s called the 4R Formula:

REQUEST – what is it you are asking for and by when.

REASONS – why is it that you need what you are asking for by the deadline you are asking for it, and position it in the other person’s best interest.

RECOMMENDATION – What you are recommending for this situation, possibly providing 3 options for the individual to select (supplied succinctly) if appropriate to the situation and request.

RESULTS – Project the results you and the individual can expect if the reply is timely and a resolution to move forward is agreed to.

It would sound something like this:

Hi, I need for you to reply to me about the issue below before 5pm this Friday, April 1st.

The reason I need your reply by Friday at 5pm is we need to make a decision to purchase the telecommunications software we’ve been considering, so that this phase of the project stays on schedule.

I’d like recommend we go with X as it provides us with all the best bells and whistles we need. It doesn’t have everything Y has, but it is 10% less than Y and we won’t need those other features anyway.

When you get back to be before 5pm this Friday, we’ll be able to have it installed within 30-days and be able to move on to the next phase of the project, keeping us ahead of schedule and under budget. If we miss this deadline other parts of the project will get backed up waiting for this install.

What do you think? How might you use the 4R Formula? Leave a comment below.

’til next time, Communicate with Power,

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One thought on “The 4R Formula for Workplace Communication

  1. Rosalyn Zielke says:

    Good template. I like the realistic example. I will apply this communication style in the future.

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