The $5 Million Mail Clerk – How Do Your Employees Make a Difference?

A new client shared a story with me a couple of weeks ago that was very powerful in terms of employee engagement and workplace morale. I’m a big proponent of organizational leaders doing things that let their people feel like they make a difference.

Here is one great example:

One of the largest law firms in our region, Finkelstein & Partners, had a personal injury case in which their client was severely handicapped in a car accident, the injuries turned him into a paraplegic.

As the firm was preparing its case to go to court a FedEx package arrived at the office late on a Friday afternoon. Rather than wait until Monday to deliver the package, a mail clerk understanding the significance of a FedEx package, but with no idea about its contents, took the package directly to the attorney for whom it was addressed knowing it may impact a client’s interests.high morale leads to high employee initiative

Inside was an offer from the defense attorney offering a $5 million pre-trial settlement. The offer came with one caveat, a deadline of 5 p.m. Monday afternoon.

This mail clerk’s actions provided the attorney and his client the entire weekend to evaluate the offer’s merits, instead of just a stressful few hours contemplation the offer could have received if the mail clerk had less initiative.

The offer was accepted before the deadline and a client who desperately needed significant financial resources to address his new lifestyle and health challenges was able to find resolution without a having to deal with a costly, stressful and uncertain court trial.

A mail clerk made a $5 million difference in the life of a client. This is just one example of how regular, front line employees make a difference every day in the lives of customers and help companies of all sizes fulfill their visions, mission and purpose.

How are your employees making a difference, and how are you letting them know they do?

What is your $5 million dollar mail clerk story?

Next week I’ll write about recognizing and rewarding this type of initiative on behalf of your team members.