The Conscious Communicator Series

Today is the first of this year’s 2013 Conscious Commuincator series, which is committed to helping you become a more conscious communicator. Thus the title of this series.

Each week there will be one tip of the week in under 300 words and two weekly “Power Words” each 100 words or less to help you become a more conscious communicator in 2013.

I am starting the series with what I believe to be the 4 “P’s” of Conscious CommunicationPurpose, Patience, Practice and Poise.

Know why communicating consciously is important, in general, and important to you, specifically. (In one of the next tips in this series I will be sharing what I believe to be the true purpose of communication)

Consciously communicating takes poise and patience. This is the difference between reacting and responding. Reacting happens instantly, responding takes place after a brief assessment. Most adults react too much and respond too little. A great strategy is something we learned in our youth, which is to count to ten, or at least count to five, before responding. Other strategies include
to taking a breath, asking a clarifying question, etc. to buy some time and learn more about what the other person is requesting. All of this takes patience.

Because this is not natural for most humans we need to practice to build a new habit. Communicating consciously is not something that comes naturally to us. No one teaches us to communicate consciously, they just teach us to communicate. As immature youngsters we often react immediately in the moment and get in trouble for it. Because few instances are corrected it builds into an adulthood habit. Practicing patience as described above will allow us to build a new habit of communicating consciously.

When you put all three of the above “Ps” together, you will develop poise. Poise is a powerful approach and is a key characteristic of great leaders. It is charismatic and attractive and will allow you to become a much more influential communicator.

Best wishes on your journey to becoming a more conscious communicator, I’m pleased you will be with me.

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