Responsiveness Can Differentiate You in the Marketplace & Help Your Small Business Beat the Competition Pt. 2

This article is on a topic that most small business
owners take for granted.

Taking this concept for granted will slowly kill your business.

Step up this approach to doing business and you will beat
your competition, becoming the “go to” company in your
community for what you do.

Take it for granted and you risk defeat.

What is it?


In this 21st Century smartphone incessant, instant gratification
world, responsiveness is the currency of business.

Thinking about responsiveness from the perspective of instant
gratification is probably stressing you out already, BUT that
is the wrong way to look at it.

You can be the most responsive company/person in your
industry and community…

You see, The 7 Deadliest Workplace Communication SINs are
getting in the way.

(If you’re not familiar with The 7 Deadliest Workplace
Communication SINs go here to download the guide now.)

The communication sins most impacting your company’s
lack of responsiveness, whether for internal customers or
external customers, include:

  • A Lack of Specificity
  • A Lack of Desirable Behaviors
  • A Lack of Directness & Candor
  • A Lack of Focused Attention
  • A Lack of Immediacy, Urgency, & Promptness

The other two communication sins are peripherally involved, and
the five above are your biggest direct culprits.

If you’d like to learn more about how The 7 Deadliest Workplace
Communication SINs are impacting the lack of clarity in your
organization, and how you can reduce the friction in your work
environment, I have a resource for you.

Go here to learn about how my FREE, no obligation Workplace
Communication Assessment would benefit you and your company.

That’s all for now, next time you’ll learn how continually building
the values of Clarity and Responsiveness into your work
environment will lead to the most important value of all!


Stay tuned!

‘til then, Communicate With Power!




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