The Importance of Responsiveness in Small Business Work Environments – Pt. 1

This article is part one of a two part series on how raising the
standard on the expectation for “responsiveness” can separate
you from your competition, because…

One concept my small business consulting clients and audience
members in my keynotes complain about is…

a lack of responsiveness in today’s business world..

Now, thanks for technology the expectation for responsiveness
is at all time high.

That’s not going to change any time soon and my fear is it
is definitely going to get worse before it gets better (and that
may never happen).

As the youngest generation begins moving into the workplace,
look out!

We need to adapt and overcome, as they teach in the military.

That’s why it’s vital to raise your standard for communication in
your work environment now.

One of the things causing friction that is preventing better
responsiveness is what you learned in my last article…

…a lack of clarity.

So, the power of this model, is explained by this infographic
from my recently published book.











Greater clarity that comes from conversations with specificity that occur
with focused attention and are direct and candid about desirable behaviors
(those are 4 communication skills that breakthrough the communication sins
directly impacting
clarity), drives responsiveness.

There are other factors impacting responsiveness in your work environment,
but when you commit to clarity it will solve 80% your responsiveness issues.

I’ll ask the same two fundamental questions here:

  • How is your work environment lacking in responsiveness?
  • What part of your company’s operations would benefit the
    most from greater responsiveness?

What comes to mind?

Responsiveness, just like clarity, permeate every aspect of your
company operations.

Imagine if everyone in your company committed to raising the

standard for responsiveness, such as…

  • Responsiveness to customers?
  • Responsiveness to coworkers?
  • Responsiveness to cross-department inquiries and requests?
  • Responsiveness to direct reports?
  • Responsiveness to superiors?

So, today’s tip for leading your championship work environment is…

Commit to Responsiveness.

This is easier said than done.

Again, there are some of The 7 Deadliest Workplace Communication
getting in the way.

(If you’re not familiar with The 7 Deadliest Workplace
Communication SINs go here to download the guide now.)

The communication sins most impacting your company’s
lack of responsiveness:

  • A Lack of Specificity
  • A Lack of Directness & Candor
  • A Lack of Desirable Behaviors
  • A Lack of Focused Attention

The other three communication sins are also peripherally involved,
but those four are your biggest culprits.

If you’d like to learn more about how The 7 Deadliest Workplace
Communication SINs
are impacting the lack of clarity in your

Organization, and how you can reduce the friction in your work
environment I have a resource for you.

Go here to learn about how my FREE, no obligation Workplace
Communication Assessment
would benefit you and your company.

That’s all for now, next time you’ll learn more about the power
of Responsiveness that will add a perspective for you.

Stay tuned!

‘til then, Communicate With Power!




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