The Ladder of Inference: A Process for Understanding How You Communicate

Workplace Communication & Ladder of Inference

Ever wonder why you react a certain way in certain situations?

Ever notice that there are certain situations and people that “push your buttons” and “cause” you to react in similar ways?Many years ago I was exposed to a communication model that explained it, and s

Many years ago I was exposed to a communication model that explained it. For some reason I put it aside and almost forgot about it.

Well, I’ve been looking for new content for the 2017 edition of my Communication Power for Leaders: 3 Levels of Communication Influence live online virtual training course and found it again.Workplace Communication & Ladder of Inference

It’s called the Ladder of Inference. It’s a model and term coined by former Harvard Business School professor and business theorist.

It speaks directly to how and why the actions and communication of others pushes our buttons ‘causing us to react similarly in similar situations.

I didn’t want to wait to ’til I created my own video on the subject so I found a good one for you here:

This will definitely be a part of the 2017 Communication Power for Leaders: 3 Levels of Communication Influence Training coming in a few months. In case you’re wondering it fits squarely in Level 1 Communication.

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‘til next time, remember, Communicate With Power!

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