The One Thing Employees Most Want in a Small Business Workplace – RESPECT


Since 2002 I’ve facilitated multi-dozens of strategic planning
sessions for small businesses and not-for-profit agencies.

I can’t think of one of them where RESPECT was not on the
final list of core values.

At the end of the day RESPECT is what all people want in
their interpersonal interactions and communications.

RESPECT should be on the list of inalienable human rights,
if it’s not already.

Thomas Jefferson did not include it directly in America’s
Declaration of Independence.

I would argue that it is sort of implied in the “life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness” clause.

The problem, though, goes back to Article 1 in this series.

You may remember that’s where you learned about the two
types of core values companies have in their workplace:

  • Professed
  • Perceived

Remember, “professed” core values are the ones that come
out of those strategic planning sessions I’ve facilitated.

They are the ones on the posters plastered on the walls.

“Perceived” values are the core values everyone actually
experiences people in the work environment through actual
behaviors in the halls.

Typically, there is a HUGE discrepancy between the professed
core values and the perceived.

You see, the main problem with respect as a core value is
that it is so very hard to define.

It’s like the definition of obscenity that the US Supreme Court
Justice Potter Stewart in 1964 explained, “I know it when I see it.”

Everyone in the work environment has a different definition for
what respect means.

More importantly, everyone has different rules for how they expect
respect to be delivered to them.

That’s the power of this model, and how the three fundamental
values of Clarity, Responsiveness, and Respect work so well
together to create a championship work environment.

But first, let’s revisit our two fundamental questions here:

  • How is your work environment lacking in respect?
  • What part of your company’s operations would benefit the
    most from greater respect?

What answers come to mind?

Respect, more than the other two values, impacts not just every
aspect of your company operationally.

It impacts every single person on your staff.

Imagine if everyone in your company truly felt respected?

The way you create that type of work environment is by
committing to clarity and responsiveness, first.

You see (and you can see it for real in the infographic here)
once you…

  • commit to clarity, and
  • raise the standard of communication so that it leads to
    greater clarity building credibility and trust.

Once you commit to responsiveness after clarity, credibility, and
trust, will rise at an accelerated rate.

And, it’s that high level of credibility and trust that will build the
respect throughout your work environment.

Trust is the currency of respect.

There can be no respect without trust. But you can have trust
without respect.

And, as you learned in Article #4 “without clarity there can be no trust.”

So, again, imagine if everyone in your work environment
committed to raising the standard to first give the respect
everyone desires?

What could that do to your work environment?

So, today’s tip for leading your championship work
environment is…

Commit to Respect.

You have the roadmap to respect in these articles.

And, as you’ve learned in those other articles,
it is easier said than done.

If you’d like to learn more about how to build that workplace
with a foundation of high-respect through overcoming
The 7 Deadliest Workplace Communication SINs
I have a FREE resource for you.

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More to come next week, stay tuned.

‘til then, Communicate With Power!




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