The Story of Randi and Her Chair – The Stupid Request that Wasn’t

Skip Weisman, Professional Speaker, Certified Great Game of Business Coach & AuthorRandi thought it was a “stupid” request, so she held back asking for it this time.

In implementing The Magic Question Playbook to her team, at the request of the organization’s Chief Innovation Officer, I asked Randi The Magic Question.

Randi was reluctant to answer the question. She thought her request was stupid and unimportant.  When you listen you will learn that is not exactly the case. She really didn’t think it was a stupid request, but over time was made to develop that belief.

Listen to my short interview with Randi to learn what happened after I pushed her to answer that question.

You see, she knew it wasn’t a stupid request because she had made this request 6 years in a row.

After getting rejected six years in a row, it made her feel “as if” her request was “stupid.”

Or, if not stupid, certainly not of high-value enough to fulfill it for her and her co-workers.

Listen to my 14-minute interview with Randi about the six-plus years it took for her to get a new office chair.

Then, go here to learn more about The Magic Question Playbook to see how it works and how it will work at your company.
The results are transformative in most every workplace it has been implemented.



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