The Wrong Type/Style of Communication in the Small Business Workplace

Wrong type or style of communication in workplace

This week ends the three part series on the three different types of communication in the small business workplace. (To view Part 1 on “Too Little Communication” go here, and for Part 2 on “Too Much Communication” go here).

The final aspect is the wrong type/style of communication.

This probably causes more problems in the small business workplace than the other two.

It comes in many different forms and in the context of The 7 Deadliest Communication Sins falls under Communication Sin #2 A Lack of Desirable Behaviors, Communication Sin #4 A Lack of Respectful ReBUTtals, Communication Sin #5 A Lack of Focused Attention, and Communication Sin #6 A Lack of Appropriate Tone & Body Language.3CommonCommunicationIssues_WRONGSTYLE

One of the biggest communication complaints I receives is people hiding behind email and engaging in on-going email exchanges that become an email conversation.

Have you ever engaged in an email conversation that, in looking back, both parties would have been better served walking down the hallway or picking up the phone?

If so, that was the wrong type or style of communication.

The second biggest complaint I receive is around passive-aggressive communication.

Have you been the victim of a hurtful sarcasm, or had someone agree to follow through on a request of your that just never manifested?

Have you ever been the victim of someone raising their voice or yelling in the workplace, either directly or indirectly?

What about someone multi-tasking when having a conversation with you, such as typing a text or email on their smartphone?

All these examples are the wrong type or style of communication.

It is imperative that small business workplaces create an expectation around communication.

You can do this by facilitating group conversations with team members to identify what great communication would be like between everyone.

Together make a list of 6-10 items that are the most important types and styles of communication you want to ensure are part of your team culture and create an agreement to work towards maintaining it.

Make sure everyone on the team also agrees to being held accountable to the communication style they engage in and will be open to peer-to-peer feedback.

If you like a change to assess communication in your workplace you can take a simple 11-question quiz.

Take the quiz now at this link The Ultimate Workplace Communication Quiz

For another resource to help you with communication in your workplace take a look Your Championship Small Business Podcast that launched last month.

To learn more and subscribe to the podcast go to this webpage and you’ll be forever invited to the monthly interviews. The first episode was released , Tuesday, January 17.

The first episode is with strategy and innovation expert Kaihan Krippendorff the author of the best seller, OutTThink the Competition.

Additionally, we’ll be starting Championship Small Business Facebook Discussion Group, which you will also be invited to join once it’s ready to go.

To sign up, go here:

‘til next time, remember, Communicate With Power!

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