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Happy New Year!

As we are firmly into the second week of 2017 I trust you are moving forward with a fresh start towards exciting initiatives and goals, as am I.

One of my goals is for 2017 is to ramp up the two aspects of my business that have been foundations in recent years.

One is on the leadership communication side, and the other is the concept of creating the championship caliber small business.

Those two initiatives go hand-in-hand as high-level leadership communication skills are vital to creating championship performance in any endeavor.

The challenge is that with all the stresses and hats small business owners wear, it’s the leadership communication that gets short shrift.

Towards that end I’ve decided to start a monthly podcast interview to help small business leaders run their YCC_Podcastbusinesses more effectively and to raise the bar on how they communicate with themselves and their

It all starts next week, and it’s totally free.

I do need you to let me know that you’re interested in something like this and to go join here.

It’s going to start out next week with my first interview featuring Kaihan Krippendorff.

You may not have heard of Kaihan.

I hadn’t heard of Kaihan two months ago when we were both speaking at an IT conference in Las Vegas.

Kaihan wrote a book called, “OutThink.” – It’s all about “out-thinking” the competition.

With small businesses constantly feeling the strain of commoditization, this topic is a great way to start the series, and the new year.

So, to join the Championship Small Business Podcast go to this webpage and you’ll be forever invited to the monthly interviews.

Additionally, we’ll be starting Championship Small Business Facebook Discussion Group, which you will also be invited to join once it’s ready to go.

To sign up, go here: www.YourChampionshipCompany.com/Pages/JoinPodcast

‘til next time, remember, Communicate With Power!

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