This Creates Championship Performance in Small Business, Yet It’s Not Extraordinary

Carli Lloyd, the U.S. Women’s Midfielder, three weeks ago put on an extraordinary performance in the World Cup Finals with three goals in the first 16-minutes of the game.

It was an unprecedented accomplishment in the history of the sport and truly extraordinary.

Yet, what it took to set the stage for Lloyd to score those goals, plus three others in the last seven games of the tournament, was not extraordinary.

Some might even call it boring, monotonous, and brain numbing.

It’s the stuff we all hate to do.

But, champions know they MUST do them if they want to achieve championship caliber performance.

It’s the fundamentals.

Every sport has ‘em. Here’s a just small sampling:

• In football it’s blocking and tackling.

• In baseball it’s hitting the cut off man on relays to keep runners from taking extra bases.

• In basketball, it’s shooting free throws.

The athletes and the teams that become extraordinary at executing the fundamentals are the ones that deliver championship caliber performance when it counts.

What are the fundamentals of your business?

Here are some to think about:
• Clarity on your value proposition
• Clarity on your organization’s purpose and core operating values
• Clarity on your goals that have specific measurements for tracking progress
• Executing on a performance management system for employees’ goals and expectations
• Making the necessary outbound marketing calls
• Doing the promised follow up calls in a timely manner

Things like those are the fundamentals of business success.

Just like the fundamentals in athletics, they can be viewed as boring, monotonous, and brain numbing.

Yet, they are the foundation for success.

Business champions practice the fundamentals to achieve extraordinary execution that leads to championship results do you?

Remember, “champions do not necessarily do extraordinary things, but they always do the fundamental things extraordinarily well!”

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