Time Will Tell If Miami Heat Create a Championship Team By Recruiting & Hiring “Right”

As those of you know from reading my recent White Paper “The Secret 6-Step Formula for Creating a High-Performing Business Team That Gets Champion Level Results” recruiting and hiring “right” is just one of six components of creating that championship team.

The Miami Heat’s signing of Lebron James and his two friends Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in the free agent shenanigans of the National Basketball Association will create a nice case study on building a championship team, don’t you think?

The Miami Heat believe they have put the foundation in place to create a long-term culture of winning championships.

James, along with the Heat’s other free agent signing Chris Bosh, will now team with the Heat’s primary (’til now) star player Dwayne Wade to form 3/5 of a basketball team with a vision of winning a championship.lebron james going to miami means chemistry is now the key component to building a championship team

Now we’ll have to see if their talent acquisition strategy can mesh with an implementation strategy to allow the franchise to achieve its Vision.

Many sports franchises have tried to “buy” superstar talent only to see buckets of money go down the drain when expectations failed to meet reality on the field of play. This happens often in baseball, hockey and football where it takes significantly more components to be successful than the five to eight key players on a basketball team.

LeBron, Wade and Bosh are saying and doing the right things today.

They are each probably going to earn less money than they could have in other scenarios. They are also saying there will be no egos or competition between them for the spotlight.

There are three components of creating a championship team that they each should be very much aware, as I’m sure their bosses Miami Heat president Pat Riley and coach Erik Spoelstra are.

Talent, skill and chemistry.

There is no doubt the skills are there.

Talent is obviously there in a physical sense. But there is also a component of emotional and intellectual talent that is innate to all three that we will see play itself out as the pressure of the season(s) heats up.

How they handle those pressures will impact the chemistry between the three of them and between the three of them with the rest of the team.

How leaders apply their extensive leadership skills to the other five will determine the level of success of any team or organization with a Vision & Strategy to function at a championship level.

In my experience in both athletics and business it is always the “chemistry” part of adding team members (or employees) to the mix that is left out of the evaluation process. Let’s hope that hasn’t been the case with the Miami Heat situation.

Either Pat Riley, who has long been recognized as one of the great coaches and leaders in basketball history and has even been rumored to be moving out of the executive suite to return to coaching, or Spoelstra will be responsible, along with their new triumvirate of talent, for leading themselves and the rest of their teammates in the coming NBA seasons in a way that fulfills their awesome Vision & Strategy.

Good luck, we’ll all be watching…