Conscious Communicator Tip #37:’Tis the Season, But This One Rarely Comes With Gifts

So, what season am I talking about?

It’s the Annual Performance Review Season, right?

Yes, ’tis the season everyone in the working world dreads, isn’t it?

More procrastination is engaged in during this time of the working year around the annual performance review than any other.

No one likes to get ’em.

No one likes to give ’em.

No one likes to even have to think about ’em.

Yet, they are the #1 necessary evil in business.

My first client in 2006 had owned his company for about 12 years and until we started working together had never took his dozen or so employees through a performance review process.

My wife, who works in our county government and just stepped into an official management role about 12 months ago had not been involved in a performance review process in more than a decade.

Ten, twelve years, that’s serious procrastination, isn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be that way, and there is a very easy way to change this phenomenon.

We have to change what we believe about the purpose of the performance review/appraisal process.

Whenever I ask my clients what the purpose of their performance review/appraisal process is, the answers I get are:

  • To let people know how they’re doing
  • To give people feedback
  • To determine their salary for the next year and their bonus for this year
  • To let them know if they’re meeting expectations

Those are all potentially mini-purposes of a performance review/appraisal process.

The ultimate purpose, few business managers or leaders associate to is, “to improve individual and organizational (team) performance.”

That’s it!

It’s that simple.

Is your company’s performance review process “improving individual and organizational or team performance?”

And, is it doing it in a specific, measurable way?

If not, and you’d like it to, the place to start is with the ‘job descriptions.’

Most job descriptions, as they are presently designed make it more difficult to manage employees’ performance, not easier.

It’s the place I start with my clients to help them improve individual and organizational performance.

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’til next time, make it a great week!

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