Tolerating Superstars in the Workplace

Many years ago in my previous life running professional baseball teams I had a number of instances of working with some superstars in our workplaces.

After a lot of reflection as I transitioned out I came to understand my role in the creation and perpetuation of those situations.

One particular situation involved an individual that generated tremendous interest in our team from our fans.

BUT, his great talents came with two significant problems.

  1. He knew how good he was and how valuable he was to the success of our business.
  2. His communication style, attitude and ego rubbed virtually everyone in the company the wrong way.

His attitude and ego was such a strong presence, it caused virtually all the workplace drama everyone was tolerating.

Now, in other businesses there is a 3rd problem, the potential of this superstar going to the competition and possibly taking business with them.

I bet you’ve also experienced similar problems in your work environment.

There is no easy solution to this type of scenario.

From my experience, I can tell you is this:

  1. You must invest in a succession plan for every position in your
    organization, because regardless, this person is human and susceptible
    to being hit by a bus, at which time you’d instantly lose this person’s value.
  2. No one is irreplaceable.
  3. You will learn that the drama, stress and negativity this individual
    causes in the work environment far outweighs the value he or she
    brings to it.
  4. There are options for solutions to this siutation.

Two other points you must understand about this process:

  1. You won’t realize this until after they’re gone
  2. The fear of the 3rd problem identified above (the potential of this
    person going to the competition) is most likely not going to
    negatively to impact your company.

The energy you invest in dealing with the drama in your workplace can now be invested in making your company even better.

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