Too Much Workplace Communication Lacks Specificity, Pt. 3

Here’s Scenario #3 of business professionals lacking specificity in communication (click these links to view Scenario #1 & Scenario #2)

Three times in three different contexts last week Communication Sin #1 came up in 7sinwhitepapercoverconversations with clients.

(A Lack of Specificity is one of The 7 Deadliest Communication Sins if you’d like to learn more download the free report at

Scenario #3:

A good friend and colleague returned to her car parked in a downtown parking deck to find a parking ticket on her windshield.

The ticket indicated she was parked illegally.

She didn’t think so.

The reason was this sign:










As a credit union member in good standing she went into the credit union to discuss the issue.

Her argument got the ticket rescinded.

Signage in the parking deck lacking specificity allowed my friend to get her ticket rescinded.

This lack of specificity on the sign not only impacted a business’ parking guidelines and led to customer service issues, it also caused personnel to waste additional time to fix the sign. Impacting employee productivity.

The next week this new parking sign was posted in front of all the assigned credit union garage spaces:HVFCU2








You see, my friend, parked in the credit union space while conducting other downtown business (see note added to bottom of the sign).

This was a relatively inexpensive, out of pocket, hard cost fix. Employee productivity was most likely the most expensive “softer” cost. But, this little stuff adds up to real dollars.

Recent research is showing that the average employee wastes a minimum of 40-minutes per day due to poor and ineffective communication, which equates to approximately $5,220 per employee per year.

How many employees work at your company?

I see lots of non-specific business signs all over that are costing thousands of dollars in lost productivity impacting bottom line profits.

This impacts both directly through employee productivity by having to redo work, and indirectly through negatively impacting customer service and customer relationships as this one did, and even causing lost sales.

Be careful with your business communication and double check for specificity.

What examples do you have where A Lack of Specificity negatively impacted your effectiveness, individually or as part of a team or company? Leave a comment below.

Next time I’ll be sharing a new communication model I’ve created to help you to communicate to influence to get better, quicker responses from others, whether communicating verbally or in writing. My newly created 4R Model.

’til next time, Communicate with Power,

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