Applying the “Trading Deadline” Often Generates Initial Positive Results in Small Business & in Sports

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Two teams made significant moves around the July 31st Major League Baseball trading deadline, the New York Mets & the Toronto Blue Jays.


In many organizations when personnel changes are made in business, when done properly, initial results are positive, and enthusiasm and excitement manifests.

That’s what the Mets & Blue Jays are experiencing 31-days since making significant deadline personnel changes.

Both teams have made significant progress in their quest to win their division championships.

The NY Mets have won 20 of 28 games (71%) since making the personnel moves, and Toronto has won 21 of 27 (78%).

Both teams have gone from second place to leading their divisions, as their competition has fallen back after standing pat at the trading deadline.

The key with these personnel moves is to maintain the momentum.

It’s the same in business.

When new personnel join the “team,” both the organization and the new team member are excited about the opportunity and expect a mutually rewarding relationship.

Yet, too often, after a surprisingly short period of time that enthusiasm wanes.

Maybe the work environment promised in the hiring process doesn’t meet the new employee’s expectations.

Maybe the work ethic and job skill capabilities promised by the recruited employee don’t match the employer’s expectations.

Both sides soon become disenchanted with the other and fall into a pattern of tolerating the other.

Sometimes this happens over months. Sometimes it takes a few years.

But, it almost always happens as both employer and employee take each other for granted.

The key is to keep the lines of communication open and discuss mis-aligned expectations early and often.

Often, the big issue comes in the early stages with the company’s orientation and on-boarding process, which few small businesses do well.

We’ll talk about that next time.

For now, if you’re a NY Mets or Toronto Blue Jays fan enjoy the journey towards a shot at a World Series Championship thanks to applying the trading deadline.

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3 thoughts on “Applying the “Trading Deadline” Often Generates Initial Positive Results in Small Business & in Sports

  1. Francisco Avalos says:

    Thanks Skip and great write up as always.

    I agree with you about keeping open communications and correct any mis-alignments, however, unlike professional sports, hiring resources don’t come with stats and/or personnel records other than their resume & references they bring forth. Thus, this is the challenge to gauge how the resource really true’s up and jells with the company culture.

  2. Skip Weisman says:

    True point, to an extent. There is no doubt hiring is more challenging in business as the metrics and the media exposure showing the athletes’ attitudes and personality are not there. The one thing, that those doing hiring can get much better at, though, is investing more time on the front end of the hiring process in doing due diligence and asking the tougher style behavioral interview questions that can bring out more of the stuff you need to assess personality and culture fit. Personality assessments are also a good tool to use prior to a final hiring decision.

    Most organizations are too quick to hire, and too slow to apply the trading deadline.

    What’s your experience in that regard? Thanks for adding to the discussion here.

  3. Lisa says:

    Came across this in my emails today – read it a second time and wonder if you are a baseball prophet – look where these two teams are today!

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