The UnStoppable CEO Podcast – Opening the Books to Explode Revenue, Profits & Employee Involvment

Podcast Summary by Host Steve Gordon:
Skip Weisman specializes in helping small businesses radically transform their work environment, making for a more positive and productive company culture – which boosts profits.

Skip draws from his own journey as he advises clients as they make this type of shift. After 20 years working in pro baseball, serving as CEO for five different franchises, he needed a change. He turned the page to the “second chapter” of his life with a new career as a speaker and business consultant.

One of the pillars of his strategy is employee engagement. He takes a controversial approach in which the boss shares information with the rest of the team that most entrepreneurs keep secret.

We go in-depth on that point and also talk about…

  • The challenge – and relief – of getting into the second chapter of your life
  • How to create team that reduces your stress and increases profits
  • The two support systems every entrepreneur needs, especially when times are tough
  • Escaping the business owner’s isolation chamber
  • And more