Want to Improve Workplace Communication & Your Work Environment? Look Ahead, Not Back!

In working with organizational leaders to improve communication and trust in the work environment many people want to focus on the causes.

I’ve learned that approach is counter productive, dis-empowering and detrimental to achieving desired outcomes.

Focusing on “cause” puts focus and attention in the wrong place. It places blame, which is never a good thing.

Therefore, to avoid blame its best to have your team focus on the desired behaviors that will produce the best results moving forward.

To do this, leaders must proclaim a clean, blank slate for all team members.

This means truly forgiving and forgetting previous indiscretions and assessing every future action, behavior and/or communication as taking place with good intent.

Now, I do not mean that leaders should lead their organizations and teams with a Pollyanna attitude or see things only through rose colored glasses.

Once a ‘clean slate’ is proclaimed and offered the hard work really begins for the leader and his or her team members.

Because with the ‘clean slate’ comes new standards for behaviors and performance that need to be clearly defined, articulated and agreed upon between all concerned. And, a part of that agreement is accountability to those new standards.

This process sounds relatively simple and it is. But, one caveat is that it takes tremendous discipline on the part of the leader to manage accountability promptly, directly and respectfully when violations occur in the work environment.

If you think your work environment could benefit from a clean slate commitment to working together in a more positive manner so that it can begin achieving higher levels of productivity and performance, I’d recommend you apply for one of my complimentary Strategy Sessions so together we can generate quality ideas to help move your team forward in 2011.

’til next time, make it a great week!