Business Improvement Workshop Gets “Champion” Results…Again

The most recent “Champion Organizations” workshop on Thursday, October 8th took a slightly different approach from the previous two events and participants took away valuable insights to improve their business.

Instead of lecturing on the original content for the “Champion Organizations” workshop offered in previous programs, Skip Weisman highlighted key areas of the program that fit with the issues identified by program participants, such as motivating employees without financial incentives while maintaining or improving workplace morale, differentiation in a crowded marketplace, deciding where to focus attention to maximize return on investment (products, service or relationships), how to have prospects and clients shift their impression of a company from being just a vendor to becoming a “trusted advisor.”

Paul Daubman of Daubman Corporate Interiors left the workshop saying, “Skip’s presentation will have a “lasting” impact rather than just providing information that was heard and forgotten.” Daubman especially liked the Strategic Profile matrix that directed his focus on developing deeper relationships with prospects and clients.

Gary Pollard of Reliable Cleaning Services realized that some key issues on which he was procrastinating was negatively impacting his organization, although he left the program saying, “no matter what you know about business, you will learn something at this program from all those attending,” he was hoping to learn even more about how to motivate key employees without breaking the bank.

Another business owner, Keith Studt of ITC in Newburgh, NY, was pleased to be able to take some time out of a busy work schedule to invest time to “work on his business” also left the program wanting more specific motivation techniques. Studt left the program saying, “Skip is extremely knowledgeable and any business owner will leave this program with information that will help their company.”

Other participants were excited to discuss the differences between a “compliance culture” where employees are motivated solely by collecting a paycheck, getting health insurance benefits and keeping their job, and understanding how to create a “commitment culture” where employees are inspired to work hard because they are motivated to fulfill an exciting, compelling vision and strategy that connects to their need to make a difference with the work they do.

Our group will be meeting Friday morning to discuss the date for our next workshop.

After spending 2 1/2 hours in the workshop with a half-dozen other small business owners, Jennifer Schneider of the Newburgh law firm Drake, Loeb, et. al. said, “taking time out to do nothing but talk about and consider strategies that create successful organizations is invaluable to staying ahead of competitors,” and that’s what the Champion Business Alliance semi-monthly workshops do for local business owners.

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