Your Championship Company Podcast – Episode 2 – Jason Cass


Jason Cass - The Grow ProgramEpisode 2:
 Jason Cass
The Grow Program

Author of:
Customer Service Is Just Foreplay

Jason Cass is probably the most innovative owner of an independent insurance agency in North America. He started his own agency in 2010 and has built it completely on social and digital marketing and branding. He is transforming the independent insurance industry by raising the bar on customer service to mitigate and overcome the commoditization of the property and casualty insurance.

What he’s doing for his industry is absolutely transferrable to any other small business and you need to hear what Jason has to say as we will discuss the strategies in his book “Customer Service is Just Foreplay.”

Jason Cass Interview:
Interview Recording (click to stream on web / right click to download & save)

Key Thing You Will Learn:

  • Why customer service isn’t enough to stay relevant in 2017.
  • How to create a customer experience that keeps people coming back and takes a commoditized product and makes it special.
  • How to know exactly what’s most important to your best potential customers


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