Your Performance Review Conversations Are Killing Your Company & Ruining Employees

February is “performance review” month for three of my clients.

It’s always a challenging time because you know, if you’ve ever been responsible for writing up performance reviews, they take A LOT of TIME!

It’s a big investment that for most small businesses (and it’s even worse in large corporations) does not deliver a return. And if you talk to those involved, it probably becomes a negative drain on employee morale, motivation, and engagement.

There is one reason why performance review processes don’t deliver a return on investment in most small businesses.

The reason is because few people understand the purpose for the performance review process.

But, before I can divulge the singular purpose of the performance review that you must understand, focus on, and apply when engaging in the process, I need your help.

Go here to answer the 1-question survey. When you answer the question you’ll receive my guide on The 5 Master Keys to Effective Performance Conversations.

And, you will also receive an e-mail with what I believe is the only correct answer, and it is the one that will transform your workplace into a championship performer, after you submit your answer to my survey.

’til next time, “Communicate with Power!”

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