“You’re So Easy To Dismiss…”

In an old Seinfeld sitcom episode, Jerry and George are having one of their discussions at the diner.

George makes a comment and Jerry puts him down.

George replies, “Don’t dismiss this. You’re very quick to dismiss.”

There is a lot of dismissing going on in the workplace today.

Just last week I was delivering my workshop on “The 7 Deadliest Sins of Leadership & Workplace Communication” and a director admitting to being dismissive of one of her direct reports.

It was during my segment on “Communication Sin #4, A Lack of  Respectful ReBUTals.”

She said, “I just did that earlier today.”

I asked her if she would tell us about it and she said,

“One of my people came to me with an idea and I thanked her for coming to me and then I said, ‘but, we can’t do that here, it won’t work.”

Ideas are the seeds of innovation.

Since the dawn of time innovation is what has brought us to the most exciting time in the history of the world.

Since the Industrial Revolution innovation has driven growth and success.

Without ideas organizations become stagnant.

Stagnancy leads to decline!

Decline leads to decay!

Decay leads to death!

Many organizational leaders allow ideas to be brought forth only from a precious few chosen people.

Those in the inner circle.

The best ideas come from the front line personnel who are in the trenches seeing first hand how things really work.

Yet, those are the ones who get dismissed most.

Once dismissed, rarely does that same person come back to try again.

Any ideas die with that individual.

They stop thinking, they stop trying, they start going through the motions.

“Leadership Communication Sin #4 – A Lack of Respectful ReBUTals” is the cause.

For once George Costanza was right, “Don’t dismiss, you’re very quick to dismiss!”

Many of us often are.

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2 thoughts on ““You’re So Easy To Dismiss…”

  1. hein says:

    good point!

    This also works outside corporate, in family or clubs. Never restrict new ideas else everything stays on the status quo and inventiveness is stopped.

    In clubs (and in workplaces), innovative and creative people will resign and move on.

  2. Nancy Jackson says:

    As a Public Affairs professional, I’ve the opportunity to interact with internal and external various individuals. Effective communication is always in order. As my Pastor would say, “Get it in your spirit.” Thank you for today’s instruction to not be dismissive. It’s painful to the receiver and stagnates growth and kills/dulls relationships. We’ve all experienced it. Good reminder. Perhaps you could share how to 1.) Recover when it happens to you/others and 2.) As the repentant offender, reconcile the offence. Enjoy you. Have a great day!

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